Outstanding Features of a Superyacht Gold Coast

Outstanding Features of a Superyacht Gold Coast post thumbnail image

On the Gold Coast, chartering a superyacht Gold Coast is the way to live a luxurious and opulent vacation with loved ones. Hitting the highlife on the Gold Coast is achieved with the five-plus features provided by a superyacht Gold Coast.

Chartering a superyacht Gold Coast allows you to enjoy luxury at its best without the expense of owning one. The best way to slow down and let your hair down during your downtime is to bask in the beguiling charms of a superyacht Gold Coast.

The increasing availability of superyachts for charter makes them the most suitable for family vacations. The outstanding features of a superyacht Gold Coast include:


Sunken seating area

While the splash of sea water and the flap of a headsail as the yacht sails over choppy waters are invigorating, resting in luxury on a yacht over calm waters is more so. The sunken sitting area featured in a superyacht allows one to luxuriously while away the day.

A luxurious lounging area is easily converted by using rigid linen curtains, soft scatter cushions and mini tables. Sailing on calm waters seated on a superyacht is easily the most decadent experience for anyone.


Onboard helipad

Going everywhere and anywhere at all times is the topmost feature of superyachts. However, an onboard helipad is a wonderful addition that allows you to cover vast distances within minutes.

Almost all superyachts feature helipads that can easily convert into an entertainment area at night. The atmospheric lighting and the usual spa pool feature ups the ante of entertainment. The wide helipad space allows side landings, allowing guests to fly in or out at all times of the day.


Mini yacht

Some bays and shores cannot be accessed by superyachts. The inclusion of mini yachts allows guests to access bays and shores at all times of the day. Often referred to as a tender, the mini yacht features all the comforts of a home away from home such as:

  • Double cabin
  • A fridge
  • A saloon
  • A bar
  • Space for two crew members
  • Hot plate
  • A bathroom

Diving enthusiasts and families can easily enjoy all the comforts of a mini yacht while away from the mothership. While mini yachts are often referred to as tenders, they are a notch higher with features similar to that of a superyacht.

Inflatable extension

The inflatable extension is a design trend that has become highly popular with water enthusiasts. It has also become one of the outstanding features provided by a superyacht. The customised inflatable platform provided by superyachts ensures an easy way to store sea bobs or dock jet skis.

The inflatable extension also serves as a great platform for guests as they come and go at all times of the day. The side terraces can be dropped down during the day to allow blue sky views and easily converted to a night club at night. This alternative platform provided by a superyacht is a feature that appeals to both kids and adults.

VIP life

The amenities and features of a superyacht easily elevate anyone to VIP status. Showers, full-sized bathtubs, palatial master bedrooms, and walk-in closets are outstanding perks that make the charter memorable and exciting for everyone. Look for a superyacht marina to spend some bonding moments with your closest family and friends that will soon become the most memorable one over the years.


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